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stronger maryland. >> reporter: one day after north roll grumman decided to choose virginia over maryland for its headquarters, some say he didn't doing enough. senator barbara mikulski says maryland has fared much better during the recession. >> i think he is going to win because he has shown he can govern during tough times. >> reporter: a recent poll found o'malley leading ehrlich 47% to 44%. that falls in the margin of error. now, granted,ing into ther one of these candidates is going to have too much a problem with name recognition. current governor says it is far too early to place too much importance on polling. >> those things go up and down and i'll let the pundits and radio disc jockeys comment about that sort of process stuff. >> reporter: o'malley is leerily hoping for more up than down looking to avoid the fate of his opponent who lost his first bid for re-election. tom fitzgerald, fox 5 morning news. >>> good morning to you. it is wednesday morning as we get a live look at our nation's capital under a beautiful moon. but temperatures really pretty nippy for this time of year
working with virginia tech parents on closing the so- called gun show background check loopholes nationwide. >>> our time coming up on 6:30. arizona is a battleground for illegal immigration. sandra endo reports this plan will be in this spotlight on captiol hill today. >> reporter: tough new border security proposals in arizona. it's a big effort to curb illegal immigration which some in the state say is causing major problems. >> those crossing the border illegally are increasingly armed and the violence across our southern border and in arizona has increased. >> reporter: the state lawmakers passed what is considered some of the toughest border security legislation in the nation. local police would now be able to investigate a person's status, regardless of whether the individual is suspected of any other crime, which was the extent of the law before. the state's two republican senators are also pushing a 10- point plan which would include dispatching 3,000 national guard troops to the border. >> people are fed up and the federal government hasn't done what it needs to do to s
of concern for us. another area of storms is moving out of virginia into western maryland near frederick county. that want thunderstorm cell gave indications there might be a tornado in the cloud. a tornado warning is in effect for parts of western frederick county and parts of washington county for the next 20 minutes or so. let me show you where the warnings and watches are in effect. there's a watch for thunderstorms over the entire area. the tornado watch is in red. we will talk more about the forecast for this evening in the week ahead coming up. >>> the same system responsible for our bad weather caused havoc down south after tornadoes yesterday. this is all that is left of the church in choctaw, mississippi. huge trees were uprooted. many fell on homes and other buildings. one man describes how he and his girlfriend barely escaped. >> the bricks and debris were flying. i was watching it all. i was trying to hold her down. i told them i could not feel my legs. everything was on top of me. >> according to the national weather service, the super cell produced at least two tornadoes.
amount of money involved. >> and the west virginia mine disaster. new information on the rescue effort. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> well, our streak of dry, blue skies and summer like heat is over. the clouds rolled in early this evening and then the rain came down. some areas were even under a thunderstorm warning for a couple of hours. hello again, i am jennifer gilbert. jeff barnd is off tonight. more on tonight's rain in a bit. first some of the top stories tonight. staff members at baltimore's afro american newspaper are mourning the death of one of their own. paper's 72-year-old security guard was gunned down while ordering food at a chinese carry out early this morning. police say the two suspects fled the scene, with $13. they stole from another customer. at the paper today the victim's co-workers were struggling to make sense of it all. >> life is a cycle. and so you are born and grow old and then eventually you die. but when it is cut short by something that doesn't seem to have any rhyme or reason. and that's
>>> coming up next on eyewitness news saturday morning, news out of west virginia. the search is over, the rescue operation for four missing miners has come to an end. what rescue workers discovered overnight. >>> end the call, talking on your cell phone while driving will soon cost you. when the ban will go in effect. >>> home opener let down, fans back orioles park, but leave disappointed as the birds let another one slip away. >>> a chilly start to your saturday. meteorologist tim williams is here with an updated look at the first warning weather forecast. eyewitness news saturday morning starts now. >>> good morning,. welcome to eyewitness news saturday, i'm gigi barnett. >>> i'm tim williams. it's a cool start. good morning to. >>> you chilly, cool,. >> all the cs as opposed to the hs, hazy, hot and humid. temperatures on target for where we should be this time of year. we have a few clouds out there. you see a lot of blue. a lot of sunshine. good day to be outside without being too hot. not the really warm temperatures we had earlier in the week. no 90s. we are closer to
between the prince william parkway up to backlick. that is stop and go. the beltway in virginia, i'm giving it two thumbs up. making your way from 95 to 66. no incidents. hey, maryland, 270, what's up on this interstate? going southbound at speed father hurley to the split. and we have a metro alert to tell you about. the green light is single tracking it. as we take a look on-line at our weather computer. it is single tracking between the prince georges plaza and fort totten because of broken down equipment at west hyattsville. >>> at the top of the hour you will see the signs today, make it a no phone day in the car. it is an attempt to draw attention to distracted driving. we are calling it the great hang up. kristin fisher has more on the story. >> reporter: good morning. well, from our campaign, the great hang up to the national no phone day, both are aimed at doing the same thing and that is exactly what the sign says behind me. you will see it in just a minute. it is urging people to take the pledge too put down their cell phones while driving. you may not know it by driving
of hours. front is still sitting back over western portions of west virginia. so we we have a good distance to let that get through overnight tonight. and temperatures will fall. so definitely we have more activity on the way. in fact, looking at the lightning. mainly over virginia where it is strong, as far as even tornado activity down there. and north of us. but lightning for us has been quiet. looking and talking about the warm air pushing out. big changes on the way. coming in from the northwest. and continue to see temperatures drop as we go through the overnight. i will have a look at the temperatures and your weekend outlook coming up in a bit. >> thank you, vytas. >> and you can be in charge of your own personalized forecast. i-radar is available at foxbaltimore.com. use the interactive tools to track storms down to your street. go to foxbaltimore.com/i-radar. >> more concerns over baltimore city's practice of rotating fire company closures. the issue, back on the table tonight. after three people, including a firefighter are seriously hurt in a fire. keith daniels is live at shock
that there were no explosives on board. >> the search for four missing coal miners in virginia could resume today. a vigil was held last night to honor the 25 miners who lost their lives during an explosion. >> today 3 began with crews working on the mind. >> we are focused. it is what it is. this is what we are dealing with right now. it is nothing compared to what the families are going through. >> as the rescue effort continues in the mountains of west virginia. >> it is very scary. >> we a learning more about what happened inside at the time of the blast. >> it became -- one survivor spoke about the incident. >> there was very severe wind, dust, dirt, debris blowing. >> he just started his shift. it quickly became clear that the dozens of his friends had been trapped. >>these guys are still in there. [crying] a lot of my very good buddies. people do not understand the camaraderie between coal miners. >> a bond that will close to 300 in the streets yesterday. they had a silent march in honor of those lost in those still missing. >> nobody understands what it is like coming from a coal mining t
deepest condolences to the families of 25 west virginia miners killed in the worst u.s. coal mine disaster in decades. the blast happened yesterday at the upper big branch mine in the town of -- in a town outside of charleston. it is raising new questions about mine safety and whether federal inspectors failed to do their jobs. sally kidd has more. >> the white house says the president wants a thorough investigation into the cause of the blast and whether it could have been prevented. at the national prayer breakfast, president obama asked for prayers and that -- prayers for the victims and their families. >> pray for the safe return of men and women who put their lives on the line to save them and the souls of those who have been lost in this tragic accident. >> the company has a history of serious safety violations and has racked up hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines in the past three years. >> what that suggests to you on the face of it is that there are problems here and that they're not being addressed. >> it raises questions about why inspectors fail to detect the potential fo
in a moment -- 35 reports of hail, in maryland, virginia and west virginia. most of that occurred between 5:00 and 8:00 last night. more rain likely today and this is the problem, we take to you jessup, patuxent valley middle school, 50. storm total yesterday 2.6 inches of rain. when you get that much in a short period of time, it's very hard for it to drain. this is the issue this morning. heavy rain coming down. it's reaching reisterstown, owings mills look out, 795 and 140, reisterstown road, you're getting very wet heavy rain approaching cockeysville. that will be the 83 split through towson. looks like timonium will be very wet. eldersburg, mount airy is getting it now. north side of ellicott city and most of the stuff probably going to pass to the north of ellicott city and columbia, but we have rain and that continues to push to the east which includes our friends in harford county, bel air, on the north side now but looks like more heading from the band in owings mills, in your direction this morning. 50s this morning. we get to 66 and isolated thunderstorms this afternoon. could be
. yesterday's accident in the west virginia mine is already blamed for killing 25 workers. the hope now, the four others somehow survived. fox 5's tom fitzgerald live near the search site with the latest. tom? >> reporter: brian, of those 25, 14 bodies are still in that mine tonight, and the four that you were referring to, they just do not know what their condition is at this point. the goal here is to drill these ventilation holes but that work will not go quickly. it's methodical work 100 feet per hour. at that rate to get down to the mine 1200 feet into this mountain behind us tonight, we are expecting we're told that that ventilation shaft will not be open to the mine itself until at least noon tomorrow. at this point, the explosion is rocking this area with people coming down to the command station and also checking in with local authorities. what the governor told us is the search was called off at 2:30 this morning after search crews became concerned about another methane buildup within the mine shaft. the c.e.o. of theompany that owns this mine say they do not know what caused
daughter, agony facing families of the victims of the explosion in west virginia. >> and the race for governor, what people are saying about the rematch, between ehrlich and o'malley. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> hello again, i am jennifer gilbert. jeff barnd has the night off. we begin with breaking news out of northwest baltimore. two residents and 1 firefighter are hurt. in a two alarm apartment fire. it started after 9:00 tonight at win manner apartments in 3900 block of liberty heights avenue. officials say two residents suffered smoke inhalation, one of them an elderly woman that suffered serious burns. >> we also treated one firefighter, who fell from a second floor window. while battling the fire. he suffered burns to his hands and some other musculoskeletal injuries. >> two residents taken to bayview burn center. firefighter taken to shock trauma and is in serious condition. no word on the cause of the fire. >> there is also breaking news out of washington d.c. tonight. fbi is investigating whether a man, tr
for the trapped miners in west virginia and is in tragedy. new demands for answers about why it happened. captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >>> hello, i'm jennifer donelan. mourners had gathered at the polish embassy. poland's presidenthis wife, and other government leaders died in an airplane crash and reword that the pilot was warned not toand because of dense fog. john gonzalez is live at the embassy with the developments. about the pish prime minister is calling this the worst peacetime disaster in the country's history. ironically, jennifer, a history being remembered this weekend. it was already a somber trip to begin with. poland's president lech kosinski, his wife, and dozens of officials were headed to russia to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the slaughter of " thousands of polish military officers by the secret police in world war ii. am i saw the airplane flying low. >> others recall the pilot attempting to land several times in heavy fog before crashing into the forest. >> they were very good friends of mine. >> this local polish architect
to accelerate the economic recovery. >> virginia is celebrating the news that defense contractor northrup grummon makes its new headquarters in the common wealth. company chose virginia over maryland and said location and economics were the deciding factors. virginia gave northrup more than $12 million in incentives. but the governor said he hopes to quickly get the money back. >> when you have 300 jobs that average in the neighborhood of about $200,000. we think it will bring 30 plus million dollars of tax revenues to the state. >> we would liked to have been able to attract the 300 corporate jobs to maryland. but the good news, is northrup has 11,000 people currently employed in maryland and they plan to grow that job base in maryland. >> republican bob ehrlich is criticizing o'malley's tax policies as unfriendly to business. and as a possible reason northrup chose them over maryland in relocating. >> the position of mayor in the city of annapolis comes with less power. the annapolis city council passed a bill giving it more control over the day-to-day operations of the city. the measur
jeff barnd is off tonight. we begin with breaking news out of west virginia tonight. whether it is in the deadly coal mine explosion. it happened in a mine located about 30 miles south of charleston. rescue and recovery efforts are underway. seven miners are confirmed dead. 19 others are missing. and the seven miners that were killed were reportedly trying to leave the mine in a vehicle at the time of the explosion. it happened at massey's energy performance coal company mine in raleigh county. >> coal mining community when you hear that many ambulances it has to be bad. >> as we can duly as a community is come together and pray. if you are from here, we are all comining families. my whole family, grandfathers. and father. and brother. >> seven dead in a coal mine in west virginia. more on the story as it becomes available. >> the tea party movement in maryland s getting criticism tonight. it comes on the heels of a new poll showing that 57 percent of those in the tea party movement call themselves republicans. another 28 percent call themselves independents. and 13 percent c
the showers are starting to creep in closer. and down over parts of west virginia and virginia. we will see the activity building our way going into tomorrow. so get the umbrellas ready. we will see the low pressure push n bringing us the rain. so temperatures right now 59 in baltimore. and it looks like we will see the temperatures back in the lower 60s tomorrow. but we will see the showers sticking around for about a day or so. closer look at more rain for the weekend coming up in the seven-day forecast. >> coming up. speed cameras and speed space. how they could track you. >> good and bad news for european travelers tonight as flights begin to take off again. details of another bigger eas long as emerging however. >> details of google's cyber attack being revealed. >> that volcano responsible for iceland's ash cloud now shows no signs of stopping. and scientists fear tremors from it could trigger a more dangerous eruption at the nearby catla volcano. ten times stronger and shoot higher and larger plumes of ash into the skies. >> great news, however forks airline passengers in europe. air
reaches the final four. one of the final four, the west virginia mountaineers are team- based over the maryland state line. just in morgan town. and their close proximity means they had a big falling here in maryland. weijia jiang has more on the local excitement for the team. weijia? >> mary in our road trip today, we found so many people who say they love living in maryland. but they love rooting for the ones next door. [ car honking ] >> reporter: there's something strange going on in maryland. >> let's go, mountaineers. >> reporter: in which traditionally terrapin terps make it impossible to see any red. >> let's go, mountaineers. >> we believe blue and gold here. >> but you live in maryland. >> i know. it's almost an oasis, if you will, in the big sea of red and white. >> it came to an end when michigan state beat them at the buzzer. but west virginia clinched a spot after beating kentucky, the first time in 19 years. >> it's the only thing in the state of west virginia that brings people together like it does. >> reporter: and driving just a few miles down maryland roads, lea
. >>> president obama is calling for a deep investigation into the mine blast in west virginia. he says that the probe must be thorough and people need to be held accountable. the task of bringing bodies out of the mine have started. 29 of the miners died instantly in the methane explosion. >> there was a bomb i can't explain, they bombed the brotherhood. >> the company had been cited in the past for safety issues. >>> a successful saturday session in the general assembly as lawmakers approve a budget. the house of delegates vote to approve a budget voting on a mix of cuts. they're facing $2 billion short fall. and the eastern shore murder of sarah foxwell has pushed for tougher penalties. >>> turning now to sports, another game, another loss for the orioles. try and try as they might, the orioles didn't put up much of a fight at camden yards. he pitched 7 1/3 shutout innings. the o's lose 3-0 in this one. orioles star second baseman roberts didn't play last night because of this slide into second base on friday, he strained a muscle and they're considering placing him on the 15-day
in west virginia, and they are forced to retreat. kathryn brown reports for wjz, unsafe conditions are forcing the teens out of the mines. >> reporter: rescuers, waiting outside the upper big branch mine are anxious to get back underground. >> this is still a rescue mission to us. we still have rescue chambers that we have to go to. and we still believe. >> reporter: this morning, teens got close to where four missing miners may be located. when explosive levels of toxic gas forced them to evacuate. >> you can imagine hauling equipment for a long distance, getting up there. getting exactly where you need to be. and then having to double time back out because you find yourself in harm's way. >> reporter: crews are working above ground to drill more holes and make the air in the mine safe. >> main thing is, we know we can get crews so far. >> reporter: the families are all staying together here on this mountain. and cargd to the governor, they -- according to the governor, they are getting very little sleep. this community is doing all it can to support them as they wait for word on
. >>> let's take a look at radar, we have some rain across virginia, and it's moving slowly but surely toward the north to northeast. there you see it across rowanock now. periods of rain as that low approaches. 53degrees right now, temperatures are going to drop a little bit more tonight. no winds, barometer currently holding steady. southern virginia temps, 45 oakland, ocean city. it is going to continue to get a little moist. very light winds across the entire region. most of the day they've been out of the south southwest. but tomorrow, they'll continue to bring more moisture out of the south. this low is moving to the east primarily across the north carolina and virginia border. you may pick up a .10. it will be cloudy all day long and you may see periods of rain. right now if this continues moving to the east and doesn't extend to the north, we will not see as much rain for at all. the weak front will pass us on thursday. may bring us a brief sprinkle and plenty of sunshine and milder temps for friday. saturday night yet another system coming to the plain states to bring us anoth
in west virginia, the president and vice president join the community still reeling from the deadliest mining disaster in the decade. it was a tribute to the 29 miners who lost their lives. ♪ >> in west virginia, an emotional farewell to the 29 miners lost in the worst mine accident this nation has seen in 40 years. president obama, joined by vice president biden, was there to pay his respects to those who perished. >> these miners lived as they died, in pursuit of the american dream. >> he paid tribute to those who go back into the minds every single day. one by one, the loss minors names were read aloud. their family members filed in, and a helmet was placed on a wide cross. it has been nearly three weeks since the deadly explosion at the upper big branch line. the investigation is just beginning. the operator is facing scrutiny for a long string of safety violations, but on this day, the focus is on the lives lost and those left behind. >> these were hard brick -- are working and brave men. >> a tiny community, overwhelmed by grief, but supported by those who consider the miner's
. >> the decision to move the corporate headquarters to virginia and not maryland is sparking a lively debate between the candidate for governor. at issue whether state officials did enough to close the deal. john joins us with more on the debate. >>reporter: officials with northrup say state officials put together a very competitive offer, moved the corporate headquarters from california to marry land. republican candidate for governor disagrees. the restyling company in columbia he blamed o'malley administration for not doing more to entice the company to move here. northrup employs 11,000 people in maryland and plans to here another 300. estate officials say virginia was able to offer the company a better deal on land. that's worth 300 corporate jobs relocated. urlich claims maryland may never have been seriously considered for the move. >> it appears that we were never taken seriously. we were used as potential leverage. maybe that leverage got a better deal from virginia for northrup. >> we would like to attract the 300 corporate jobs to maryland but the good news is northrup ha
for the deterioration of the inner city. >>> rescuers go back into a west virginia mine to find the miners. crews drilled a hole into the mine to help release some the poisonous gases. >> you have to make decisions that are conscious decision inside the best interest of the rescue workers because we can't put them at risk, either. >> so far 25 miners have died since that explosion on monday. the hope to finding the four remaining miners alive is starting to look grim. >>> friends and family members of the miners are outraged over a group planning to protest outside of the site. members of the west borough bant i have church say disasters happen because of maryland's tolerance of gays. they made headlines -- people in the west virginia town want the church members gone. >> they are after him right now. and they're going to come down here and protest it saying that god, you know, has killed them guys. they better take their ass back to texas and they better go now. >> the group plans to be in west virginia for the next few days. >>> with just two days to go lawmakers are expected to continue debati
practicas ilegales... parece un barrio normal en falls church, virginia, pero en el sotano de una de estas casas dos hispanos sin contar con licencia, curaban y sacaban dientes a otros hispanos una refirgeradora, camuflaba la entrada de la oficina clandestina de de la corte de fairfax oscar moran y amparo rodriguez son acusados por hacer un delicado tratamiento de conducto a uno de sus pacientes, procedimiento que termino con complicaciones debido a una infeccion ..una practica muy comun y peligrosa, segun expertos "muchas veces les dicen que se tienen que quitar la muela y le quitan la muela y esa muela no se tenia que quitar, podrian salvar la muela haciendo un tratamiento de conducto y en vez de salvarla se la quitan, despues ese paciente, se puede enfermar, puede ir al hospital, puede infectarse en cuerpo completamente porque los instrumentos que estaban usando no estaban esterilizados" esta dentista dice que a su consultorio llegan con frecuencia pacientes de otros dentistas pidiendo que solo le saquen radiografias una senal, de su dentista no
grumman picked virginia over maryland as its new home for its global headquarters. in the "washington post" this morning one maryland lawmaker said that the state is more gay-friendly than virginia, trying to lure northrop grumman to our state. northrop wins awards for gay rights. virginia is about to land thousands of jobs. >>> 6:53. the u.s. supreme court announced yesterday it will hear arguments on whether states have the power to regulate violent video games. back in 2005 california law prohibiting the sale or rental of such games to minors never took effect because the industry immediately challenged its constitutionality, after winning two rounds from the lower courts. the entertainment software association is confident the highest court will side with them as well. >> it should be treated just like movies, music, books and other forms of media. that there's a first amendment constitutional protection to the great games that are made by our industry. >> the parents should be responsible for what their kids have especially when it's violent or anything other than pg-13. >> the gaming
virginia as its new home for the global headquarters. virginia's deal evidently was the best on the table. in "the washington post" one maryland lawmaker says the state is more gay-friendly than virginia but grumman of course has won national awards for gay rights. still not clear whether northrop is going to land in arlington or fairfax but the state is about to land thousands of jobs. >>> a 5:03. if you're looking for work and you're an educator baltimore county schools may be the right place to be for you. sherrie johnson live in timonium with more on a job fair to recruit teachers. >> reporter: good morning. we're here live at the state fairgrounds in timonium where this place is going to be all abuzz with people later this afternoon. this is all a part of the teacher expo and job fair to recruit teachers to baltimore county schools. unlike other school systems around the country who reduced positions baltimore county schools expect to hire nearly 700 new educators. you don't have to register in advance. teachers need to bring copies of resumes here. administrators and faculty repres
of coverage will not coming for another four years. >> tragedy at a west virginia mine. what went wrong in the desperate search for survivors. >> marines and suspected taliban members in a fire fight. video of the dramatic showdown and how insurgents are trying to disguise themselves now. >> this is obviously a weapon of last resort. >> revamping the na >> rescue efforts hit a wall at a west virginia mine. where 25 workers were killed, and 4 more are still missing. the search will have to wait while officials remove poisonous gas from inside of the mine. jonathan hunt '02 more on the effort to get the rescue back on track. >> with the clock ticking hope is fading. >> we know that the odds are not in our favor. >> drilling is now underway in the effort to find four west virginia miners missing since the blast. >> two drills working now. and feverishly to get down to find out what type of air we have in that area of the mine before we can let rescuers go in. >> monday's explosion at the massey energy company upper big branch south mine killed at least 25 workers. while investigators try t
on the rescue efforts. >>> crews are working around the clock to get back inside the west virginia mine where 25 workers died and four are missing. >> god bless them. they're out there giving all they have. and it's a slow process. >> reporter: teams must drill down more than 1,000 feet to ventilate the toxic gases that forced rescuers out. it may be wednesday night at the earliest, before officials know whether the air is safe. the energy company's upper big branch mine has a history of violations for not properly ventilating highly combustible methane gas. emergency crews were sent racing there during monday afternoon's shift change. >> it's quite evidence -- evident to us that something went terribly wrong. >> reporter: they said a carbon monoxide warning was the first hint of trouble. >> because some victims are still in the mine, not all have been identified. this community is praying for a miracle. >> by golly, if i'm on that side of the table and that's my father, my brother, my uncle, my cussin, i'm going to have hope. >> reporter: michelle kinney got word last last night that she lost h
to the final four. one of the final four, the west virginia mountaineers, a team based just over the state line in morgantown. and their close proximity means they have a huge following here. weijia jiang has more on the local excitement for that team. weijia? >> mary, we took a road trip across the state and say they found so many people who say they love maryland, but love rooting for the mountaineers right next door. [ car honking ] >> reporter: there's something strange going on in maryland. >> let's go. >> reporter: in which traditionally terrapin terps pocket the mountaineers stance make it impossible to see any red. >> we believe in blue and gold here. >> but you live in maryland. >> i know. it's almost an aasis -- oasis. >> the men's tourney came to an end when michigan state beat them at the buzzer. so western junior clinched a spot after bookletting kentucky. the first in 19 years. >> it's the only thing in the state of west virginia that brings people together like it does. >> and driving just a few miles down maryland roads, brings you right onto the country roads of west virginia.
virginia. greensboro, charlotte. just approaching charleston, west virginia. and by tomorrow morning, we will see light rain in the region. and on and off during the day tomorrow. most of this will pass across virginia. we'll be in the northern fringe of that, seeing some rain in our area, tomorrow afternoon. into the evening hours. before it clears out late tomorrow night. look at temperatures. still another mild day. our normal high is 66, 67. that's where we are right now. 66, 68 in washington. a little more sun, south of d.c. 62 in oakland. not too bad out there. and 57 off the water. cooling down in ocean city. still very dry. dew point is down to mid-30s. clouds coming down late tonight. we're going to have to get moist before we see the rain coming down. winds very, very light. they have been out of the south and southwest. here's that little system over portions of northern virginia. it's heading across the carolinas with the rain. now it's in the western carolinas. southwestern virginia getting light rain. all of this is moving off to the east/northeast. just south of washington
needed help. >>> president obama traveled to west virginia to offer support for the families of april 5th mine disaster. no one can bring the 25 miners back, the president said but the administration will work to make sure no one else dies from a miners accident. >>> senator bob mcculskie said it was important for the mourners to remember the plane crash. the president was there to pay tribute to thousands of troops who died in a massacre nearly 80 years ago. >>> tim williams reports, rain did not stop the roar of volunteers. >> reporter: despite gray skies and rain, the weather was no match for the cause. >> i'm glad some of the people came. and it's a lot of fun. the weather is nice. >> reporter: more than a thousand family members and friends came to roar for autism. >> maybe, just maybe soon we'll understand what causes autism. >> reporter: it's the sixth annual event and every year it's held at oregon park. it's a day to play, hike, or ride a bike. >> enjoy your family while you are raising awareness and support for autism. >> and we are directly raising dollars that support autism r
showers, rain now across porgs of the virginia, west virginia, this batch is going to slow its spread to the east. by tomorrow afternoon, do expect to see some rain. it's going to take a little while for the moisture to move in. maybe a thundershower with that front close to the area on sunday afternoon. it may linger into monday, even tuesday. southwest winds 59 knots. tonight, partly cloudy skies later on. 46 by morning. a lot of clouds tomorrow, probably light rain popping up in the afternoon. high of 58 degrees. the next five days a risk of more showers on sunday. maybe some thunder. it will not rain this entire period. we'll probably see periods that will be cloudy. but we will have a risk of showers and 60s back here by next wednesday. >> check in with andrea fujihi starting at 6:00 a.m. for the updated first warning weather forecast. >>> and the o's are trying to right the ship as they take on the red sox. stan has the highlights next in sports. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> finally action for the ravens in the draft. >> once round two commenced on a love lovely friday afternoon. and
virginia coal mine. terrell brown reports on the deadliest coal mining accident in this country since 1984. >> reporter: poisonous gas is keeping workers from rescuing workers inside a coal mine. >> the conditions were to a point where they were risking their own lives in an attempt to get in. >> reporter: the hound is holding on to hope that the men are still alive. the families of 25 other miners are slowly getting word that the loved ones did not survive the massive underground explosion. ben lost her father. he was five weeks away from returning. >> we were his life. coal mining came next. >> reporter: the explosion happened 30-miles south of charleston. the mine has a history of safety problems for not properly ventilating highly combustible methane gas. right now crews are working to release the toxic gases. right now they are hoping later it will be safer to go back inside to rescue the men. >> it will be later today before we can get back in. >> reporter: before the crews evacuated the mine they reached an air-tight rescue chamber and found it empty. it is possible the men made it
are starting to dry just a little bit. southwest virginia coming up towards roanoke. that will make its way up toward charlottesville. probably won't really impact our region until the middle of the day tomorrow. i've been the main rush-hour will be tomorrow evening's rush- hour. we can use rain. 70 degrees at the inner harbor. the normal high as 66. the low was 39 at bwi marshal. the tree pollen came down a little bit today. 65 both checking in at 66 degrees down toward the coast, with the future cast trowing range staying in virginia. we will wake up a cloudy skies as they increase overnight. temperatures will not be as chile. the system is not very strong. it has an area of low pressure tracking east and trying to draw moisture out of the goal -- out of the gulf. this is followed by high- pressure through thursday. it starts to have our way for the weekend. moving off the coast tomorrow, showers may redevelop on thursday, and the next threat of rain won't arrive until late evening. we will try to move it in our direction. it will be cooler tomorrow because of the clouds, showers, and the br
. a warm front that is circulating from the clouds. you will see that. the rainfall across west virginia. the low pressure is throwing showers on the north side. area of low pressure is spreading that moisture and also wrapping in what will be an increasing southeasterly wind. that throws in more moisture and you have the south component it really cools things down. we're left with a cool damp feel for today. the storm system was in kentucky yesterday and now pushing across the pam lesion mountains. and a slow mover. this is what we have to deal for today. the heaviest rain is probably going to be south of route 50. maybe clipping portions of washington, d.c. and annapolis, southern maryland and southeast virginia. and the northern fringe it is light rain and showers that takes us from the afternoon to the evening. then tonight the scattered showers passes towards the east and we wrap up drier air as the clouds pull around. we should stay dry until the next weather system arrives for the weekend. so if today, developing rain and temperatures downtown around 62 degrees for that's our 2 de
, the effort to find missing miners in west virginia. plus, a little boy >> the search for the four miners in west virginia has stalled again, this time over a fear of fire and explosion. it is another setback in the miners saying since monday. before being sent back this final time, crews did find one at refuge chamber, but it was empty. they are using cameras to inspect another one. a 7-year-old boy was abandoned by his mother and sent on a flight to moscow. he had an english note attached to him. the mother said that she could not handle the boy and had to send him back. according to his adoptive grandfather, he was violent. -- adopt a grandmother, he was violent. the incident has prompted local authorities to ask how the 7- year-old was able to get on a plane by himself. still to come, we will tell you how life is being made easier for those w >> toyota executives thinking of local dealers for helping them rebound from millions of recalls. toyota executives withheld information about accelerator problems. the company faces a $16 million fine for the cover-up. despite the bad news, toky
the decision to bring back confederate history month in the state of virginia? email us your response to watercooler@wbaltv.com and officials say someone tied a dog to a pole on easter sunday. and a group of kids around 13 years old pummelled the dog with bricks. a man tried to save the dog and was hit by the bricks. they both are doing well. the dog will soon be put up for adoption. >> the search for four missing coal miners in virginia could resume today. a vigil was held last night to honor the 25 miners who lost their lives during an explosion. one survivor spoke about the incident. >> there was very severe wind, dust, dirt, debris blowing. these guys are still in there. [crying] a lot of my very good buddies. people do not understand the camaraderie between coal miners. >> officials say it is unlikely they will find the remaining four miners alive. coming up, talks between air carriers may mean you will pay more this summer. >> a soldier captured in afghanistan. >> more weather and traffic w >> welcome back. 73 degrees at the maryland science center. a warm start for us. it will
... >>> you are watching abc 7 news at 6:00. on your side. >> the west virginia governor is ordering more than 200 underground coal mines to be inspected immediately. mines deemed most at risk are first on a list. he is also ordering all lines to stop production friday in memory of the 29 miners killed in last week's explosion. federal investigators could not go underground because there are still high methane gas levels. >>> a d.c. for voting rights bill could be before congressional leaders soon. last year, the bill stalled in the house because the measure was tied to pro-gun amendments. with the president's signature, the bill is expected to go to the supreme court. >>> virginia governor bob mcdonnell was to reduce state funding -- restrict state funding for abortion. he is recommending that the state be consistent with what the federal government funds, which is only abortions in the case of rape,, or danger to a mother's life. >>> people will be able to see your tweet for years to come. the library of congress required every public tweak since twitter started four years ago. there are 70
. >> yes. 5:29. 43 degrees. the tragic result for the search for four west virginia miners. >> rescuers worked their way back into the mine and were close to answering the big question -- are any of the four missing miners still alive. >> west virginia's governor announcing the final four missing miners were not found alive. >> welcome back to "11 news saturday morning." thanks for joining us. >> john is here with another look outside. it was almost 80. >> all of a sudden we jumped to summer and we want to stay there. and it was the nice part of summer, too, because it wasn't humid. spring is like that. april can have highs and lows and all kinds of stuff. it technically can even produce a little snow. >> oh, don't say it. >> they probably saw a few snow flakes as the recommend -- remnants of that weather maker came through. it takes longer for new england to see spring the way we all envision spring. they are getting the colder side of it. there is a new area of rain coming in from the cold front along with wisconsin, minnesota, michigan this morning. we'll talk about temperatures on o
's geico 15 minutes of fame takes us to the lacrosse field where second ranked virginia fifth ranked maryland to take the acc championship. they end their season with a 13-9 record. they win geico's 15 minutes of fame. >>> it's time to take our second break. when we return it was a wild ride on the track at talladega. buckle your seatbelts. highlights from today's sprint cup race is coming up. it's great. i eat anything that i want. key lime pie, pineapple upside down cake, raspberry cheesecake... ...yeah, every night it's something different. oh yeah yeah...she always keeps them in the house. no no no, i've actually lost weight... i just have a high metabolism or something... ...lucky. [ wife ] babe... ♪ umm, i gotta go. [ female announcer ] 28 delicious flavors at around 100 calories each. yoplait, it is so good. indulge in new blueberry pie and new red velvet cake. yoplait light. it is so good. >>> this is geico sports xtra. >>> welcome back. the nascar sprint cup series at talladega. joey lagano hits ruin newman on turn three and hey memorial ensues. nine cars involved as they
will be talking about this morning25 miners are dead in west virginia this morning after a huge mine explosion yesterday afternoon. four are still missing. . here's terrell brown with more from west virginia. >> reporter: at least 25 miners were killed in a west virginia coal mine explosion. the search has been halted because of gas and smoke in the mine. >> there still continues to be a rescue operation with four unaccounted, four miners, and we're going to do everything in our power and in the mine rescue team's power to locate those people. >> reporter: the blast happened monday afternoon just as miners were departing the upper big branch mine just 30 miles south of charleston. at first rescue teams hoped they would find some of the missing miners alive. as the evening progressed, no survivors were located. >> it's a traumatic experience with the families over there right now. i ask for your cooperation in giving them their time of peace in grieving. >> reporter: the cause of explosion isn't known. but officials say this mine has a history of violations for not properly ventilating highly
virginia is ordering sweeping inspections after the mine explosion that killed 29 workers. governor manchin ordered the immediate inspection of all underground mines in the state. volatile gases caused the mine explosion more than a week ago. levels are still too high for investigators to get inside the mines. the governor also asked the state's a 200 mines to cease production friday in honor of those killed. >>> first lady michelle obama is in mexico city now. as part of her first solo international tour as first lady. mrs. obama met privately with mexico's first lady today. they talked about a number of issues, important to young people, here in the u.s. and in mexico. mrs. obama also visited grade school children and gave a speech at the university there. her visit to mexico is par of an international agenda centered on engaging young people around the world. yesterday mrs. obama was in haiti. >> work as hard as you can do and do as much as you can. driven, the spirit of our youth. yes, woe can. yes, we can. >> the white house announced the second state dinner of president obama's admini
wright to see how the roads are looking. >> good morning to you both. we are busy in virginia on the inner loop of the beltway at braddock road. we do have two right lanes tied up right now because of the accident activity and this is in the direction coming from the springfield interchange headed north up towards 66. already, some slow going here on that inner loop as you travel up the west side of 495. outer loop of the beltway, not so bad leaving college park headed around towards 270-6789 southbound # 70 already starting to slow here as you work your way out toward the truck scale south of 109. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. -- southbound 270 already starting to slow here. >> thank you. >>> remembering civil right pioneer dr. dorothy height. a memorial service will be held this evening. dr.height's body has been lying in repose at the national council of negro women. dr.height was known as the godmother of the civil rights movement. mourners lined up for hours yesterday at a viewing to pay their final respects. fox 5 will have complete coverage has the natio
directions and another water main break to watch out for. that's virginia avenue. now here's a live look at the beltway at 23 and you can see we're getting by without too much trouble. this traffic report is the service of wilkins. everyone wins at wilkins. back over to you. >> here's what people are talking about news wise today. another police officer has been suspended after that video that sur vassed showing several of them beating a maryland college park university st. >> reporter: a rowdy victory celebration turned into a violent beating at the hands of prince george's county police and now the video obtained by wjz has sparked an fbi investigation and the prosecutor is looking at possible criminal charges against several officers. >> today we believe that we've identified all of the officers who were seen in the tape of the college park incident. we've already suspended two of those officers. we anticipate more suspensions shortly. our internal affairs division has been working around the clock on this case. >> they're done with that initial investigation. we'll take it to the gra
their semifinal games blue devils are favored in west virginia. and the mount -- against the mountaineers in west virginia. the mountaineers are in the final four for the first time in 51 years. don't miss the game tonight. see the butler bulldogs against the spar tans. it all kicks off at 6:00 p.m. on wjz-13. >> well, i pick west virginia. >> well, they're close enough and we saw weijia jiang went to west virginia and she's from the area and you can root for the team that's closest without routeing for the acc if routeing for duke pains you. >> and west virginia hasn't been in it for so long. >> and at least make the loss for morgan more tolerable. >> right. that's how i look at it. >> well, yeah. >> 6:00, maybe you've done all you want to do outside and if not, the weather will be phenomenal and a lot of people around the inner harbor and the espn zone, they're all watching it and march madness will be in full swing there. it will be a nice weekend and get outside and enjoy it for a minute. 48 degrees now and we're going to be going up to 30 degrees from where we are now. and the forecast high,
plants going across the country. the miners killed in west virginia earlier this month were remembered today. even the president shared the grief the community. >> reporter: the families of the victims was given a miner's hat and after west virginia's first lady announced the name of their loved one. >> gary wayne quarrels. >> reporter: the governor assisted them in putting the helmet on one of the 29 white crosses that lined the stage. the convention center was packed. relative its, government officials, rescuers and people of this close knit community to honor the memory, courage and pride of the men who died in that april 5th explosion and fire. >> nothing we say can fill the hole they leave in your hearts or the absence they leave in your lives. >> reporter: the president focused on the importance of focusing on the future. >> we have to lean on one another and look out for one another did love one another and pray for one another. >> reporter: the investigation continues to find the cause of that tragedy three weeks ago and to stop it from happening again. abc news. >> now ear
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